Network of Childhood Illness Organisations

Welcome to the Network of Childhood Illness Organisations

Children in Hospital Ireland (CHI) established a network of childhood illness groups in order to promote relevant collaborations, share information and expertise and create a combined voice for advocating for enhanced services for children and young people with experience of hospital, and their families

The objective of the network is to maximise combined knowledge and evidence from childhood illness organisations so that we, as a group, can be a stronger voice in the promotion of better services for affected children and their families.  We aim to implement strategies to, for example:​ 

  • Identify common issues and potential supports to children and young people in hospital​ 
  • Promote professional learning and collaboration amongst the entire network and bilaterally​between individual organisations and identify gaps in current knowledge and propose solutions to this. 
  • Remove or respond to shared issues/challenges​ identified by the different groups using a shared approach 
  • Provide a united and accessible voice for the network members and a central contact point for policy makers​